The dubious science of online dating

Dendrochronology, also known as tree ring dating, is a method of dating items based on an analysis of patterns of tree ring growth.

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Think of it as me planning an Extended Amazing Surprise Party that I just can’t tell you about yet. And it’s time to give some of that love back in a weekly feature. As I said in my last post, #Date Me has been showered with so much love the past several years. And they were kind enough to bring some friends and give us this shoutout. In this episode, Adam swipes right on knowledge to expose the flaws in dating sites, reveal why alpha males don’t really exist and explain how personality tests are a total failure. For More on This Topic https:// There’s even one psychologist on the actual board for Myers-Briggs who admitted publicly he wouldn’t use the test in his own research.”, .Both businesses provide dating consultants who pump clients for crucial information about who they are and what they’re looking for, then spend hours scouring various online dating sites on the client’s behalf.


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