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Due to the fact that this remains a live investigation it would not be appropriate for us to comment any further at this stage.' Marie-Louise Kwiatkowski made front-page news when she attacked Heath, shouting 'you damn homosexual', as he arrived at the Egmont Palace to sign the Treaty of Accession, one of the key agreements that cemented the UK's political union with Europe.The claims come days after the Metropolitan Police was slammed by a highly-critical report into its blundering £2.5million investigation of a so-called Westminster 'VIP paedophile ring' which was studded with 'serious' and 'grave' errors.The purpose of Operation Conifer is to investigate allegations of child abuse made against the former Prime Minister Sir Edward (Ted) Heath.

Police said there had been a surge in complaints from people living in the village less than a mile down the road.You've only got four minutes to make your decision, yet you will probably find four minutes talking with other people is sufficient time to decide whether there is chemistry with the other person or not. It also gives you the advantage of only needing to talk to those you don't want to see again for four minutes - revolutionary!No more being stuck at the bar chatting to someone who you know you don't bond with.It's a fun night out and with over 80% of people getting matched at our events, it's also successful. Speed Dating in Swindon is the only Speed Dating in Wiltshire that we know about.It's a case of supply and demand, and with Swindon being the largest town in Wiltshire, it makes it easy for everyone to get to.I currently am store manager at a fashion reatil company ...


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