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Local Craigslist boards are now awash in inquiries for communal living arrangements with couples.

Some ads from couples insist on “no strangers” and “no visitors crashing on the couch,” while another seeks a lesbian roommate, presumably to ward off any hanky-panky.

The initial inquiry into the Germain residence in the rural town of about 1,200 people between Minneapolis and Rochester stemmed from a juvenile female contacting the Goodhue Police Department in January saying she was being sexually assaulted and exploited by the couple.

To me her story is inspiring because it demonstrates the human capacity to love in the absence of familiarity.

“It was really badly raining, so they had stopped under the bridge and were talking, and then they started kissing and suddenly they actually had sex.

“They were having sex for about ten minutes.” Although the onlooker was advised to yell at the frolicking duo, she decided against because she didn’t want her brood to wake up and peer out to see the explicit act.

The storyteller and NPR should have sought permission from the surviving young woman, like the military photographer did in the second story. Being a neighbor requires both discretion and tolerance for forced intimacy.

Just because the young couple's names were not thought important enough to be revealed, doesn't mean they deserved to have their privacy ripped away from them like Radiolab did. I watch the beautiful child next door grow up to bear a beautiful child, the elderly man across the way succumbing to disease as his walks become shorter in distance and his lanky frame bent lower and lower.


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