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“Basketball is where you can just go and not think about anything and just let loose,” Kris told Jill of how he’s coped with the headlines and the drama.

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Then the finalists return on Friday, when the winner will be announced on live TV.

Frankly, we don’t have strong feelings about her one way or the other.

Robertson was also the object of adoration of a flock of sick stalkers, and she does have our sympathy about that.

A Facebook friend pointed out that proceeds from ex-QVC host Lisa Robertson’s appearance next month will go to a charity. href=https:// Theatre PA/posts/10154612566243928:0&width=500 The money, a pop, will benefit the nonprofit State Theatre and FREDDY Awards program in Easton, Pa. you can have afternoon “tea” with the scorpio glamour puss. Robertson is a very polarizing figure who seems to inspire total devotion or hatred from QVC viewers.

Robertson will be conducting an afternoon tea for fans on Nov. Fans of ex-QVC host Lisa Robertson will be able to their fill and more of her next month, when she makes an appearance at a theater in Pennsylvania. The fact that she calls her fans her “tribe” doesn’t float our boat, but what the heck.


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