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Aside from his fame, Ethan is a former professional soccer player and he founded the international organization Grassroot Soccer, an organization that helps stop the spread of HIV/AIDS by educating young people.Ethan also serves as global ambassador for Stand Up To Cancer and the Live Strong Foundation. ) couple recently about their relationship and they generously offered first-hand advice for couples who find themselves in similar situations. I dug deep and realized that the power of the human spirit, Jenna and my family and modern medicine would help me to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually get through this battle. "It is with much consideration and a heavy heart that we are announcing that after 10 years of a loving relationship, the decision was made to move on without each other.We will carry with us the memories of a relationship grounded in love, laughter, support and friendship," the couple said in a statement."Being a caretaker is, and never will be, an easy job, in fact it is that hardest job in the world and many times a thankless job.You have to be the pillar of strength even when you feel like you are crumbling to pieces inside.""At the same time while he will probably say that I was his strength and vital to his recovery (or at least I hope he will say that) I can say that being able to see him struggle but never give up even when cancer was trying to take over his body was a life-changing experience for me," Morasca continued.At the Final Six, Morasca and Strobel scrambled to stay in the game, trying to break up the alliance of Cesternino, Matthew Von Ertfelda and Butch Lockley.When Christy Smith would not commit to either side, Cesternino convinced Morasca and Strobel to help vote out Smith, who was indeed voted off.

News about how they were coping with it."For Ethan, the hardest part would be fighting for the ultimate prize, which is being able to live," Morasca said.

Survivor alum Ethan Zohn married his girlfriend, Lisa Heywood, in a traditional Jewish ceremony in Vermont Saturday, July 16, a rep for the former reality star confirms to Us Weekly.

The Massachusetts native is best known to fans as the winner of the third season of the popular reality show Survivor: Africa in 2001, and later competing competing on the all-stars edition of the series, which premiered in February 2004, right after the Super Bowl.

Check out the most shocking celebrity splits — began dating in 2003, and in 2009, Zohn was first diagnosed with Hodgins lymphoma.

Morasca was by his side during his chemotherapy treatment, his remission and the sickness' return in 2011.


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