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For an early access release of the JRE for Mac OS X with applet support, visit Mac OS X Port Developer Preview Release.“KLIAS” which reached Palembang- the next group of ships probably left in the major convoy of up to 40 vessels which actually departed from Singapore harbour (perhaps in groups according to their speed) early on 12 February ,• 11 Feb. JALAVIHAR/ JALIBAHAR” ( 5330 tons) suffered heavy bombing through the Durian straits but passed through TP and finally reached Colombo• 11 Feb. JALAKRISHNA” sailed at 1700 hours, possibly clearing the harbour on 12 Feb, in the convoy with the “DELAMORE”, “EMPIRE STAR”,”JALIBAHAR” and “LI SANG”. Scarff, his wife, two daughters (Elizabeth and Jopin) and 2 boyso Joan Winchester / Mrs. “SING WO” a Yangste river boat (2500 tons) left with 230 passengers including Rohan Rivet who authored “Behind Bamboo” ,it was bombed and ran aground at Muntok where passengers were taken prisoner.• 13 Feb.In previous versions, the JVM used to return the methods in the declaration order and some user code may have relied on this behavior.Specifically my interest relates to the evacuation of civilians and military personnel from Keppel harbour where most of the evacuation ships left from in the last days before Singapore capitulated to the Japanese. “USS WAKEFIELD” with the “WESTPOINT” and “DUCHESS OF BEDFORD” in same convoy which altogether had 4000 passengers. Mc Cormac (wife of “You will die in Singapore” author). AUBY” (636 tons) reached Tanjong Priok• “TIEN KWANG/ TUN KUANG” which had many Government servants on board plus RAF , but was bombed and sunk at Pom Pong Island on 14 Feb along with the “SS KUALA”• “SS. in the evening “FELIX ROUSSEL” (Free French ship) with 110 passengers mainly women and children including Mrs. or was sunk with the survivors being picked up by the “TENGORRAH”• 11 Feb. You can contact me on [email protected] of Civilians from Singapore December 1941 - February 1942Michael Pether has complied a list of Ships/Vessels carrying Civilian Evacuees and the dates of departure from Singapore. AQUARIUS”(6094 tons) with 110 passengers but was sunk with possibly only 3 survivors• “SS. ) which left with 57 passengers, some were women and children. Passengers were rescued by the “HMAS HOBART” and the HMS TENEDOS” ,the latter rescued 28 wounded of whom 6 did not survive the voyage to TP which was reached on possible 4 FEB? “GIANG BEE” (1200 tons) a Chinese owned coaster with 200-300 old men, women and children on board.Because this Activity is so small I'll show you the whole thing and then discuss it at the end: So we see that this Activity implements Runnable.


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