Dating the exodus

The difference likely being whether the counting starts from the beginning or end of the 40-year Exodus event.

The manner of the date’s mention in the Bible implies that it was revered as a keystone of Hebrew history and had been carefully preserved.

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Adding the 480 years gives the date of 1447-6 BC on our calendar.

Interestingly, the Greek Septuagint Bible gives 440 years in this verse.

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For example, the Pentateuch's story of the events that led to the Exodus employs, as an integral part, the narrative of the Ten Plagues (Exodus -).And it is these details that should be considered, first of all, in an attempt to figure out whether a given narrative describes an event that could have taken place in the real world (whatever one is to do with the miraculous elements of the narrative).The present author has already considered one of the fundamental parameters of the Exodus narrative -- the number of the Israelites reported to have taken part in the event, which is not only utterly unrealistic but also contradicts other numbers given in the Bible for some elements of the Israelite population in the period during and immediately after the Exodus.God has an Accounting System for Time that is always used every time He dates something anywhere in Bible, and by that system, you get an absolute chronology from Adam through Christ. So there's this incredible divergence over the Exodus Date, and all of the divergence just ignores what Bible has to say. It's shocking, since a whole lot of time and effort has gone into trying to date the Exodus by Bible-lovers and Bible-haters, alike.God's Accounting System for Time is the third link at utmost pagetop, aka (click here). That webpage is lengthy, verses are furnished, and the whole thing is testable.For a synopsis on how God's Accounting System works in BIBLE, click here for brainout #6a.


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